• Vir2oso Noah's Arc Mural at St Mary's Church Eynesbury

Reverend Debbie Noonan came to us and asked if we would help with updating the St Mary’s Eynesbury Church Pre-School corner. A lovely family of one of their parishioners who had sadly passed away donated a small fund to make the area fun, lively and up to date in memory of their loved one. As you can imagine we jumped at the chance, working in the local community is one of our main aims and it was impossible to not be part of such an endearing gesture.

So once again I set about designing a fun, colourful design based on the much loved bible story Noah’s Arc. The idea was to come up with a few ideas and meet with the children who attend Sunday School to discuss which design/story they would like to go with. I met with them on Sunday 27th Sept 2015 and was welcomed by Rev. Debbie and all of the families in the church. The children were very excited and came up with an array of animals that would be on the Arc. Frogs were a must, Giraffes, Elephants and even some ladybirds were suggested. It was so encouraging seeing how enthusiastic they children were about doing something positive and mostly creative for their church and I think had I had my art kit with me that morning they would have been happy to start there and then. It was decided I would return the following Saturday and get to work on painting the Mural.

On the Friday evening before, the wonderfully talented Tess and I made our way to the church to be locked in for a few hours so that we could draw up the finished design. We both worked extra hard to get it complete as we certainly didn’t want to disappoint the children by not completing it. By 6pm Tess and I stood back very pleased with ourselves, we had finished!!!!

Saturday morning I packed up my art trolley, filled to the brim with acrylics, brushes and of course baby wipes (a must need for all art activities), and made my way to the church. I was met by Rev. Debbie and the wonderful ladies who look after the cleaning of the church, and what lovely and helpful ladies they were. I set up ready for the children to turn up to get stuck in. Izzy came first and was a superb right hand man, she helped organise all of the paint into colours and brushes into sizes. I have to say if she ever wants a job she has one with Vir2oso, she was extremely patient with younger children, helping them choose, mix and colour the paint, as well as keeping our paint table (which as everyone expects when I am around was in total chaos) Well Done Izzy!!! Joanne G turned up to help me. Jo as secretary has been extremely busy this year with work, training for a charity walk and University; so it was very exciting she came to help out, especially as we have been best friends forever and she says she ‘I can’t paint!’ but the photo evidence I collected proves otherwise 🙂

So with everyone now armed with a paintbrush and chosen their preferred section of the mural we got to work and work we did. Amy worked wonders on the fabulous octopus, Trevlyn got to work on the dolphins, Stacey made light work for the beautiful giraffes and Izzy worked her magic on the brightly coloured rainbow. We had Amy’s mum helping out Helen who kept the art table in check and water pots filled with clean water, as we all focused on getting the great space filled with fabulous colours. Later after swimming we were joined by Amy’s sister Lucy, who made light work of the animals that were left within 1 hour she had painted 2 snakes, 2 parrots, 2 cats and 2 dogs, she is the new Leonardo Da Vinci I swear. We had a surprise visit from Helen from the The Hunts Post which lifted everyone into a frenzy. She took some amazing pictures of what the children had been working and fingers crossed it will end up in the newspaper for everyone to enjoy.  At one O’clock we had to pack up our paints and clean our brushes so they could get the church ready for a Christening that afternoon. It was so exciting to take a step back and see how much of the mural we had actually completed. Everyone involved in getting so much done have been amazing and I am proud and thankful for each and everyone.

Next Saturday after our 1st birthday on the Interactive Art Stall I shall be sprinting down to the church so the children who couldn’t make it this time can have a go. The hope is by the end of the session we will be almost complete, other than touch ups and a few details. I can’t wait and am very much looking forward to it.