Girls Group – 12 to 17 years

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    Working with St Neots Locality

    Vir2oso is working closely with St Neots Locality Team. We currently run the Girls Group project with the Youth Team giving girls aged 12 – 17 a safe place to come socialise, learn new skills and build confidence and self esteem. We try to provide a vary of activities from cooking, painting, drawing, sewing, crochet and many more. One aspect of the project is also to get the girls raising money for good causes. The hope is in the future, the skills the girls learn will allow them to make things to sell on to raise money for local community projects. The Locality team has been an immense support to the vir2oso team offering a wide variety of training and support to our volunteers as well as the project. We hope to continue this fantastic relationship and hope to work on other future projects with the youth team so that the young people have a wide variety of opportunities and activities.

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