Monitoring and evaluation

Your child's safety is our priority

CRB checks for all voluntary staff

Evaluation sheets for beginning and end of projects for the children and young people to fill out to gauge their response to the activity

Evaluation sheets for parents and caregivers for beginning and end of projects to measure if they are having a positive impact on the child at home.

Working with local schools and locality team to determine whether the club is having a positive impact on attendance, grades and child’s general outlook toward school.

Evaluation sheets for volunteers and professionals on how they felt they were received by the club and whether they feel there participation had an impact.

Evaluation sheets for teachers to measure the effect has on the target group of children i.e. attendance, interest in school, confidence in class

Clear project plans for every activity with details on estimated cost, voluntary time needed with anticipated time/dates needed to complete the project. Also detailing fundraising opportunities and advertising/ marketing strategies as a result of the project.

Work with local schools on how working with Vir2oso can gain extra credit etc at school.

Community comment cards for public to fill in who are affected by the projects we do to gauge public response and support.

Three monthly target audience meetings one for young people to attend; one for parents and care givers and one for volunteers. This will enable us to get a clearer idea of what each demographic want to get out of the projects, get new ideas that are relevant and inviting as well as drumming up support and interest.

Register each child who attends club so we can monitor which children and young people are getting involved and also those who aren’t so we can approach new ideas to encourage them to get involved.


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