Bringing Noah’s Arc Mural to Life

Reverend Debbie Noonan came to us and asked if we would help with updating the St Mary’s Eynesbury Church Pre-School corner. A lovely family of one of their parishioners who had sadly passed away donated a small fund to make the area fun, lively and up to date in…

Alice in Wonderland mural for Priory Junior School

Last month Vir2oso founder Tracey Mowatt created this amazing mural for the Priory Junior School fete. Tracey had been working on the project for several weeks in the run-up to the event, creating the outline of a mural. The idea was to create a giant colour by numbers.  On the day of…

Youth art project

Some photos taken from Thursday Youth Art Project all taken by one of our young photographers Kira

Basic Pencil Shading

Another part of drawing and learning that we touched on was shading. Take a look at this for some helpful tips