What is Vir2oso?

It’s a fresh, exciting new approach to youth clubs in St Neots. By giving children and young people a platform to experience and develop their creative skills. Through numerous projects we will give them the opportunity to express themselves and connect with others on a personal level. Vir2oso is dedicated to cultivating the uniqueness of each and every member of our group, from the children and young people to the volunteers who get involved.
We aim to encourage those who feel despondent and dejected in their school life by giving them a chance to partake in creative community based projects that they would not normally be able to do, to show that they have a place in their community. Specifically those who have mild learning difficulties who do not get the support necessary and fall under the radar, which results in a lack of confidence, self esteem and self belief.

Latest from Vir2oso

Bringing Noah’s Arc Mural to Life

Reverend Debbie Noonan came to us and asked if we would help with updating the St Mary’s Eynesbury Church…

Alice in Wonderland mural for Priory Junior School

Last month Vir2oso founder Tracey Mowatt created this amazing mural for the Priory Junior School fete. Tracey had been working on the…

What’s on at the interactive arts stall

On the art stall this Saturday we thought it’d be a great idea to celebrate VE day by making…

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